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As a former K-12 teacher and administrator, I believe we must invest in public schools.  As a member of the State Assembly, I have been a proponent for adequate funding of our state’s public schools.  While parental choice options are legally available to families who desire alternatives to public schools, I am of the mindset that those alternatives should be of like value, meaning those administering those alternatives should be adequately trained and licensed.  While we have not yet reached this level of parity in our state, it is my goal to continue working toward equity in the teaching field and ensuring we adequately fund schools.  School districts should not have to rely heavily on referenda for revenue that has been already paid to the state.


Ensuring all Wisconsinites have access to quality and affordable healthcare is important to me.  I will continue to advocate for expansion of Medicaid, which would ensure the most vulnerable in our population have coverage and the ability to access preventative care.  As a state representative, I was a champion for prescription drug accountability and cost transparency; as a state senator, I plan on continuing this advocacy and working with our state agencies to ensure we are doing the work necessary to ensure medication is affordable for all.


Improving our infrastructure is paramount to our success as a state.  We must begin to plan and invest in affordable transportation for movement and industry that will unite rural and urban communities.  I believe we are overdue for regional transit authorities, whose purpose would be to promote the building and execution of intra-state high speed rail.  I am also a proponent of gas tax indexing, which would alleviate the burden of sustaining roads and bridges on taxpayers.  If we wish to compete in business and industry of the twenty-first century, we must do what is necessary to upgrade our transportation infrastructure to meet the needs of our current and future society.

Crime & Safety

My goal is for every Wisconsinite to reside in a neighborhood that is safe for them to live, work, and play.  I will continue to champion legislation to curb reckless driving, including a state statute to allow red light cameras and other speed enforcement technology.  I will continue to work closely with law enforcement and neighborhood associations to assess the needs of the community by introducing legislation and/or making changes to existing laws where possible.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Diversity not only makes our state stronger, but it is also good for business.  I have been an outspoken champion for diversity, equity, and inclusion in our state.  Whether authoring legislation to codify diversity training for civil service employees, supporting the Minority Teacher Loan Program, or advocating for voting rights, I have been a champion for all Wisconsinites regardless of ethnicity, gender, or zip code.  If elected senator, I plan to continue this work and ensure all Wisconsin communities thrive.

Working for the People

Since being elected in 2018, Rep. Myers has been working to ensure the will of the people is the law of the land.  As a State Representative she has authored eighty-three bills, four of which have been signed into law:

2021 WI Act 188-Sexual Contact by a Law Enforcement Officer*

2019 WI Act 43-Teaching License Based on Reciprocity

2019 WI Act 55-Deadlines and Accreditation for Parental Choice Program Schools

2019 WI Act 84-Teacher Preparatory Program Equivalency

Links to her full legislative record can be found here (2019, 2021, and 2023). {See Below} In addition to drafting and passing laws, LaKeshia maintains an active schedule to serve her constituents.  Quarterly town hall meetings, office hours, and visits to churches, schools, and nursing homes throughout the district, ensure her constituents have a higher degree of leadership and service.

 Along with legislative committee assignments, Rep. Myers has served as the Chair of the Wisconsin Legislative Black Caucus (2020), on the Speakers Task Force on Adoption, and has received gubernatorial appointments to the Department of Corrections Commission on Interstate Compact for Juveniles (DCICJ) and the Department of Corrections Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision (DCAIOS).  She is also an executive board member of the National Black Caucus of State Legislators (NBCSL).

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